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Updated: Apr 7

On 13th December 2023 We learnt that Cornish Tin had submitted a new General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) to drill 26 new bore holes in the Carleen, Trew and Polladras area within Breage Parish.

Their licence agreement with mineral rights owners permits them to access land for

exploration where mineral rights ownership can be proven. Three of our members have denied this access resulting in Cornish Tin changing their plans.

Map of the proposed phase 3 GPDO drilling locations

On learning of the GPDO submission, our group rapidly distributed a leaflet to the local residents who were mostly living close to the sites of boreholes. We suggested that if they had any comments, they could put them on the Cornwall Council Planning Portal.

Despite the shortage of time and the distractions of the holiday season, by December 23rd there were 21 comments. You can read them here: Comments for Planning Application PA23/10066


On 9th January 2024 the GPDO submission was approved. You can read the approval and the Planning Officer’s report on the above link under ‘documents’


Local residents will now have at least six months of borehole drilling. In addition we

understand that Godolphin Exploration will be submitting their GPDO submission to drill a further three boreholes - all from one site. Carleen is definitely in the firing line!


During the last two years we have become aware of the uncertainty these drill programs bring over the future of the area. Fears that the exploration could lead to a full scale mine have an effect on the community. The blighting of house prices and disruption of businesses and tourism are likely to increase as the programs continue. Under the class K legislation residents are virtually powerless to halt these developments.

Protect Wheal Vor have repeatedly put the case to the Mineral Planning Authority that successive periods of exploratory drilling ought to be subject to proper planning approval. That would give residents a platform to air their views.

Cornish Tin say the time between the start of drilling and a planning application for a mine could be 10-15 years. That is a very long period for a community to have to worry about the future.

As a group we shall continue to lobby Cornwall Councillors, our M.P. and the press to consider our situation and we shall generally persist in our opposition to the mining projects.


If you feel as strongly as we do about these issues, do get in touch with us and consider joining forces with us or just receive newsletters like these to keep you updated.


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