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Things you can do to Protect Wheal Vor in Breage Parish

89 People protesting against the resumption of mining in Wheal Vor

Join Protect Wheal Vor - simply contact us to find out more about joining!

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Pressure The Decision Makers

Email makes it easy – send to the following (When contacting decision makers it’s best to write in your own words – but if you’re short of time or inspiration please feel free to use the suggested below*):


1) MP for the Wheal Vor area:                         

2) Your own local MP:                                     

(Make sure to put your address in the email)

3) Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs:

4) Mineral Planning Authority at Cornwall Council

5) Chair of Breage Parish Council:           

6) Local Councillor for Breage Parish Area John Keeling MBE:

Ring in to a Radio Station

Local Radio Stations BBC Radio Cornwall and Pirate FM will sometimes air stories about the resumption of mining in Cornwall - Call in or contact them on Social Media and let your voice be heard!

Radio Show

Write to a Newspaper/ Local News Website

Write in to a local (or even National) newspaper and state your opinion on the proposed resumption of mining in Cornwall - there is plenty of food for thought for their readers!

Local News Contact Details:-

Falmouth Packet

Cornwall Live

Cornish Times

Western Morning News

Put Your Objections On Social Media

Enlist the power of social media such as Facebook or Twitter to the cause!

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Also you could:-


  • Keep yourself informed (Subscribe to this site for news updates and articles)

  • Talk to your neighbours

  • Join Us!

Sample Letter


Cornish Tin Ltd have been granted permission for yet another phase of exploratory drilling for tin and potentially lithium through a General Development Planning Order (see planning application PA23/10066). The drilling is clearly being done with the intention of extractive mining in the future. 

During the last phase of exploratory drilling many members of the local community experienced significant disruption and loss of amenity.

I/we strongly object to both this phase of exploratory drilling and any future extractive mining taking place at any time in the future on the following grounds:


1. The area now enjoys a different usage and amenity to that which occurred 100 years ago.


2. All mining places a burden on the environment. Since the historic mining in Wheal Vor is the known cause of existing high levels of cadmium, mercury and arsenic in the Porthleven Stream, any additional pollution would create an intolerable situation. (Catchment link)


3. The local residents have the right to determine what happens in their community. Such large and disruptive activities should not proceed without formal public scrutiny.


I/we don’t believe that Cornish Tin should be granted permission for any future phases of borehole drilling without full planning consent.


I look forward to your reply,


Yours etc.

........... and if you aren’t satisfied with the answers you receive, go and see them!

Image: Protect Wheal Vor is a Community Group formed in 2021.

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