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May 2024 Newsletter - Godolphin Exploration Withdraw

" "Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children"- Kenyan Proverb
One of Cornish Tin's Drills
New Drill set up at site 23_110

Breaking News!

We have noticed that both of CTL's drill rigs have disappeared and we heard that the straw bales are now up for sale. This may mark at least a temporary cessation of CTL's exploratory program, at least for the next month or so. As we learn more we will post further details on the website and social media.

We have recently heard that Godolphin Exploration have withdrawn their application. We are not aware of the reason for this yet, but, at least for now the shadow of one exploratory drilling campaign has been lifted.

Recent Cornish Tin Drilling Activity

Cornish Tin have now moved from site 23-015/PV234 and are now located west of Trew at site 23 - 110 (see the map at the bottom of this page for the current active locations). They started to move off site PV207 on the 3rd May. At that point they had been active on the site for 61 days. Cornish Tin Ltd stated in their GPDO that the maximum period of drilling would be 37 days... however see the above breaking news!

As we noted in last month's newsletter the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) submitted by Godolphin Exploration was still awaiting a decision some 78 days later. This seemed a long time for a GPDO to be still awaiting a decision! - now explained by the above Breaking News!

We have also become aware that the Environment Agency have been testing the water in the Flow Stream that runs from Carleen to Porthleven. They said that they would be testing on a monthly basis. We don't know the results of this testing, but it's good that the impact of the exploratory drilling on water quality is being monitored. We have done some testing ourselves and have found high levels of Arsenic, Nickel, Cadmium and Zinc in the Flow stream that runs down eventually to Porthleven.

One of our members has spotted a recent change in Planning Law which may have relevance to the successive contemporaneous GPDOs that have been occuring in Breage Parish over recent years - hopefully planners may have to take into account the impact many similar GPDOs can have on a local area and be less willing to grant them an automatic go-ahead.

Did You Know? Tin can be infinitely recycled, If the UK recycled all the tin it used there would be no need to dig new holes in the ground!


Nimby's Corner (New!)

Quite a common accusation we are faced with is that we are just a bunch of Nimbys opposed to developments that will benefit the local economy and jobs. We deny this. We are opposed to the potential environmental and economic damage that the resumption of mining will cause and will challenge the assumptions put forward by the mining companies. It's not just our backyard but potentially everyone's in the whole of Cornwall! We will feature a counter to each of these in each newsletter.

You will have noticed the large number of mineral drillings and mining notifications happening in Cornwall. From every corner of the county it seems no piece of land beneath our feet is safe. Here in our local parish of Breage alone some fifty drillings have taken place with more to come. Given that the South Crofty tin mine will be restarting soon we wonder just how much tin do we need for the UK anyway? The answer, of course is no-one knows so we battle on letting history repeat itself until the tin market is over supplied and the miners run away leaving us taxpayers to clean up the mess left behind. As usual.


Local Events This Month

We are looking forward to the talk by Tom Gatehouse this month which will be at 7pm at Carleen Village Hall on Friday 17th May.

Cornwall Open Studios starts later this month on the 27th for your opportunity to see the work of local artists.

Keep an eye on our Spring and Summer Events page as we frequently update it with events as we become aware of them.

If you'd like to hear more local news and events from the Breage Parish area, or are considering becoming a member and actively supporting our campaign to stop mining and the destruction of our local environment, or have any queries then please head over to our contact page and / or sign up for our mailing list.

Cornish Tin’s Drilling Location Map:-

Map of the second GPDO proposed boreholes. Active drill sites are in Yellow, Finished Purple and not yet started in red


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