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A Video by The Coal Authority about the process of cleaning up rivers polluted by historical metal mining - The Water And Abandoned Metal Mines Programme (WAMM).

Firends Of The Earth Quote : Climate Crisis is the symptom, Overconsumptions is the disease

Droplet and Wagtail’s Tailings Tale

A video based on a puppet show based on the original children’s book with the same title. The show tells the story of a drop of rain water that becomes polluted by heavy metals as it falls in and underground mine.

Created with the involvement of London Mining Network

Beyond Wheal Vor And Breage Parish

It takes effort to stand up against the experience of international mining companies. They have enormous resources and generations of expertise in persuading local residents, councillors and politicians of the value of their projects.

We are not alone - support is out there

Knowledge of other groups facing similar challenges in different parts of the world is both invigorating and supportive. There are a couple of organisations that facilitate and coordinate efforts from different groups.

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