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April 2024 Newsletter - Still Drilling in the Mud

Updated: Apr 10

Will this rain ever stop?! Cornish Tin Limited (CTL) certainly don't let it stop them making a muddy mess in the fields they are active in!

At PV207 drilling is still continuing. 9th April 2024 marks the 34th day of drilling so Cornish Tin are rapidly approaching their stated maximum number of days per hole. They gave a minimum of 17 days, an average of 26 and a maximum of 37 days.

image of the entry to site pv207
Site PV 207 Pictured on 27/03/24

As of 9th April Cornish Tin are still active on site PV207. On 15th March they also moved onto sites 23_015/PV234.

Site 23_015/PV234 on 18th March 2024
Site 23_015/PV234 on 18th March 2024

Interestingly Godolphin Exploration's GPDO application we noted in our February Newsletter is still awaiting a decision (as of 9th April 2024). This is a full 47 business days after its validation which seems to be a fair bit longer than these usually take - perhaps concerns are being raised about the impact of so many concurrent drilling campaigns in a local area? Maybe the voices of locals are finally being listened to? We can hope...

Map of Cornish Tin drilling locations (active in yellow)

If you or your neighbours are concerned about the activities of mining companies within Breage Parish, please contact us for advice, join our mailing list and share our website. We can keep you updated with the latest news. A surprising number of people we have talked to are not aware of what's going on or the potential impacts for our area - so speak to your neighbours and let them know. Consider becoming a member of our group.

Other News and Events

On Sunday 24th March 2024 sculptor and artist David Harrison, unveiled his latest work called "Life's a Rollercoaster" on Trew Green to a group of local people. The sculpture depicts the passage through life and complements a number of his other works that can be viewed on the green.

His work has become a real feature for the hamlet of Trew and is well worth a look.

GWVCEG group members attend Mounts Bay Marine Group Winter Talk

Six of our members attended an excellent presentation at the Yacht Inn in Penzance hosted by the Mounts Bay Marine Group. The speaker was Professor Heather Koldewey, title “Science for Solutions to Save the Sea”

The presentation showcased examples of solutions to some of the main challenges in ocean science and conservation that give reason for optimism in particular plastic pollution. Professor Koldewey focused on marine conservation solutions, from co-founding Project Seahorse in 1996 to building the net recycling and seaweed farming social enterprise COAST-4C in 2021.

The talk inspired optimism in the potential for finding really practical and effective solutions to reverse the damage we are doing to our oceans and served to stimulate our own group's efforts in the recycling of electrical waste and protecting our rural environment from mining development. Our thanks to the MBMG for putting on this talk.

The MBMG are a part of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust “Shore Network Groups” dedicated to the caring for marine wildlife in our communities. The network comprises 18 community led groups around the county.

Keep an eye out on our current events page which we continually update as we get news of upcoming events - and if you hear of anything that you think will be interesting to the local community from the Breage Parish area and beyond then please let us know! In May the author Tom Gatehouse will be joining us at Carleen Village Hall to share his experience of struggles of protesters against the mining industry around the world.

If you'd like to hear more local news and events from the Breage Parish area, then please head over to our contact page and sign up for our mailing list.


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