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Coincidences??! Good Question........

Updated: Feb 7

Since the drilling started last year, there have been a couple of incidents that some residents believe could be related to the drilling programme being carried out by Cornish Tin Ltd.

Firstly last summer a sinkhole opened up only metres away from a drill site. The drill rig was relocated and the hole plugged by Cornish Tin, but the community has been refused access to the report.

Secondly, a large hole opened up at the bottom of Treworlis Lane during drilling in the adjacent field. Cornwall Council eventually fixed the problem after locals reported it. However Cornish Tin Ltd has refused to acknowledge that they may have had a role in the problem occurring.

image of local lane damaged by heavy plant movements
Damage to local lane after 2021 drilling

More images of locality after last drilling campaign, including filling in of the "small depression" - it took 18 cubic meters of concrete to fill!


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