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Who really benefits from opening up a new mine?

Mining projects involve enormous investments. The stakes are very high. The motivation has little to do with any of the headings and everything to do with a return on the sums invested. Mining ventures happen when the commodity price is high enough, there is not too much opposition and when additional local investment is available.


Debunking the Myths

Cornwall needs employment.

A mine will bring many Jobs!

picture of we are hiring sign

Let’s ask a few questions before just saying ‘yes’: What are the jobs in a modern mine? Which jobs are done by specialists which jobs can be picked up by local people? What is the duration of the mine - i.e. How long will the mine last? What does it boil down to? In the process how many existing businesses and livelihoods will be put at risk?

We can develop an independent source of critical minerals for the UK - from Cornwall!

image of mineral ore

How does that work? We know that minerals extracted will be sold on world markets and in some cases shipped abroad for processing. How is that independent? It’s the same argument that oil companies use for exploration of new fields in the North Sea. That oil will not help the UK become independent for energy. Similarly, returns from minerals mined in Cornwall are very unlikely to return to the duchy.

Modern Mining is Sustainable and will be Net Zero!

Mining has never been environmentally friendly. It’s a contradiction in terms. Mining ventures have limited lifespans. Afterwards, who will clean up the environmental damage? Mines have a limited working life after which the environmental degradation continues for centuries.

Water Pollution could not happen with today’s regulations!

image of a capped mineshaft leaking heavy metal pollutants into the environment
Flooded shaft oozing metal contamination in Wheal Vor area

With so many cuts to their budget the ability of the Environment Agency’s to detect violations, to prosecute offenders and impose penalties is sadly diminished. We are living

with plenty of evidence of the contamination from past mining ventures now defunct.

Local people are largely in favour


Let's have a look at their comments on the CC website link for Application PA23/10066


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