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March 2024 Newsletter - Mud Glorious Mud!

Updated: Apr 10

Heavy plant plus lots of rain = Mud! Cornish Tin setting up at sites 23/107 & PV207

Cornish Tin have started the third phase of their exploratory drilling campaign. Given the recent wet weather the heavy plant movements for moving all their equipment in has, of course, created a mud bath in the fields they are currently operating in.

CTL started operations at sites 23/107 and 23/101 on 14th February (see map below for where these are) and have recently shifted from 23/107 over to new site PV207 (highlighted in yellow on the map below).

Locations of current Cornish Tin GPDO - active in yellow

In our view the current two "exploration" campaigns are unlikely to be the last and it is possible further landowners in the "Great wheal Vor Project Area" and the wider Breage Parish area may be approached by Cornish Tin Ltd or Godolphin Exploration

We have a page of advice dedicated to letting landowners know their rights when they are approached in this manner, but the number one priority is to make sure every communication you have with the company or their representatives is in writing!

It is not unusual to feel pressured when communications are by phone or in person and, as this decision has potentially far-reaching consequences, it is better to be in possession of all the facts. Bear in mind these companies have a strong incentive to show you only the up-side and to push you to decide quickly...

Image of the new drill site at PV207 off Black Lane
Image of the new drill site at PV207 off Black Lane

We recently added an excellent video to our resources page about the Water And Abandoned Metal Mines project (WAMM) highlighting the long lasting environmental damage caused by metal mining which is still being cleared up many decades or even centuries after mining has ceased. As Cornwall has some of the most heavily polluted streams and waterways in the country this is well worth bearing in mind when considering the long term impact of future exploration and mining. Mining is not just for life it's for generations!

Members of the group and the wider community enjoyed a great day out helping the environment at a recent local tree planting event at which over 400 trees were planted, with an eventual aim of planting a further 600 plus and creating a welcoming natural space for members of the community. The event was organised in conjunction with the owners of Lottie's Farm , The Uearth Project and Plant One Cornwall

Photos of the tree planting event held at Lottie's Farm

Members of the group also took some photos near one of Cornish Tin's recent drill sites. The wet weather has certainly helped Cornish Tin make a right old mess of some local fields!

Photos taken near site 23/107

At least last month's torrential downpours were not enough to deter those heading for the Ceilidh at Carleen Village Hall and a great time was had by the many who attended! We'll be publishing an updated Spring / Summer events page soon so come back find out about upcoming events in the area.

If you'd like to hear more local news and events then please head over to our contact page and sign up for our mailing list.


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